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As homo sapiens we view life from a unique perspective, and while we may share some common assets like sensory perceptions, mobility, and essential needs, we are none the less different.

These differences, even to physical stature, influence our pursuits and how we interpret and interact with our surrounding environment-which in turn contributes to our personalities.

 We have a tendency to view things from the viewpoint of  our size and intellect and the size and intellect of things around us.

And while we may at times have an awareness of this in watching children and observing the difficulties they may encounter due to their smaller stature I’m inclined to think we don’t often consider the worlds in microcosm that surrounds us.

I”ve heard people say when some event has occurred that they wish they could have been a fly on the wall-I take that to mean so they could observe and hear without being noticed.

That has led me to wonder how a fly for example interprets sound-if it has the same resonance as it does to us-if it  attracts,or repulses? If sound can be melodic and soothing, or  overwhelming and offensive to them? And I assume it is so.

Or for that matter do flies even communicate “verbally” with one another in some manner with a language of their own?

Some time ago I photographed a dragonfly sitting on a rope- he was kind of minding his own business and basking in the sun. I watched him for a while and when he remained stationary I came closer thinking maybe he was injured in some way and unable to fly, which he wasn’t-he was just “chillin’” as they say.

We gave each other the eye and when neither flinched I reached out and touched him, complimenting him while doing so on his  ability to fly, coloration, and the marvel of his construction that was singularly about flight.

Apparently he accepted the compliment, wasn’t alarmed, and remained as he was, so I went for the camera to freeze this moment of time in his life and mine.

I like winged things-whether it be dragonfies, mayfies, butterflies, bees,  or the birds that soar above us who will perch in their favorite spot to sing a song or two and ask nothing in return.

Worlds in comparative microcosm compared to us, but a rung on the later-for inspite of how important we as human beings may think we are, we too live in a microcosm compared to the universe that surrounds us, and of which we are only a very small part….something  we would do well to consider on occasion.

In a sense we all have wings, maybe not physical appendages, but emotional and spiritual wings that will allow us to soar if we cultivate them-often times they are broken and we become earthbound largely of our own doing or that of others….something else to consider.

The earth was created for us, for all things that inhabit it-and we and all who share it were in turn created for the earth.

It isn’t ours to dominate and rule, just as it isn’t anyones place to dominate or rule another-once we understand that and live accordingly we fill the role intended for each of us and a balance will be struck.

Unfortunately predation is also a part of this world we live in, and I suppose by and large the predators dragonflies must contend with come equipped with wings to fly as well.

In being bipedal and having a highly developed brain and central nervous system the predators humans encounter share the same assets-and while they may not view their fellow humans as a part of the food chain the damage they inflict can be nonetheless devastating.

They would break the wings of their victims, the sustenance they seek isn’t always monetary, but allegiance and obedience, seeking to stand on others to elevate themselves.

We can choose to live with broken wings or soar-an easy choice I would think.


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