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Too many chiefs and not enough Indians, a fairly common saying we are
all probably familiar with-but also fast becoming a reality among the
nations that is devouring us as a people.

The result is that the title chief is being devalued much the same as
the word warrior. Yet another cut in that series of thousand delivered
upon the nations.

Even Crow Dog as gotten into act, but in attempting to go one better
has promoted himself to faux ceremonies followers as being the chief
of all chiefs.

I’m not sure exactly what that means as never in the combined history
of the nations has there been such a title, and I can’t imagine that anyone
would actually buy into it.

This title of chief is beginning to sound an awful lot like the title
of assistant manager in a discount store, or salesman of the month at
a used car lot.

I knew someone once who had a donkey named chief-I don’t believe either
he or Chief actually believed he was, and that’s the way I tend to look at some among the nations who promote themselves as chiefs in this day and age……just another braying ass.


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